Wednesday, September 28, 2011

36 Weeks and (Some) House Pictures!

Here is my 36-week picture!  I have an OB appointment tomorrow (Thursday); I'll update everyone on how it goes.
35 Weeks
36 Weeks (excuse the pajamas)
And finally some house pictures.  For some reason it is very difficult for me to find the initiative to take pictures of the house and post them.  Perhaps because I want the rooms to look perfect, and that usually seems too daunting whenever taking house pictures crosses my mind.  Anyway...

Our street is a cul-de-sac, and our house is right smack in the center of that cul-de-sac.  There are woods behind the house.  I love our location, because you can see everyone on the street coming and going, and no one can see our backyard unless they're lurking in the woods (creepy).  Also, there are three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms (all the bedrooms are upstairs; the half bathroom is downstairs).

Cul-de-sac View (from our driveway)
We are in charge of maintaining the flower beds and the backyard (which is fenced), which is a first for us.  (The management company mows the front yard).  Chet and I have not lived in a place where we've had to do any yard work, so our flower beds need some work.  I like our little front porch though.  (That's my autumn wreath.  It's been hanging since the beginning of hint to summer to get out of here and let the fall weather take over.)

As you can see in the first house picture, we only have a one-car garage (better than no garage!).  Thankfully the driveway is normal-sized, so we can park both of our cars in the driveway.  We use the garage strictly as storage, but it turned out a lot roomier than we imagined before we moved in.  There is plenty of room to walk around and even work (Chet, not me).

As soon as you walk through the front door, the stairs are right in front of you. 

A Close-Up of Miss Priss
Top of Stairs (The little table you see is purely functional.  It either holds the gate open, or I use it to put stuff on that I need to transfer downstairs.  Very useful!)
The upstairs is literally just a landing with six doors.  Here are the first three doors (this is what you would see if you had reached the top of the stairs and looked to your left).  The right-most door is Sydney's room, the middle door is Lorelei's room, and the left-most door is a linen closet. 

Here is a close-up of the gorgeous wreath on Syd's door.  My cousin Shelby made it, and she is making one for Lorelei too!  They will be so cute hanging side-by-side.

Sydney's room.  It looks pretty much the same as it always looks.  By the way, the carpeting is horrendous.  You can't really tell in the picture, but it looks like something they would install in an arcade.  And it's not soft.  And it clashes with both Sydney's and Lorelei's rugs.  Oh, well...

Going back out onto the "landing", here are the next three doors (which are all to the left of the first set of doors I already showed you).  The door with the light on is the girls' bathroom, the middle door is the master bedroom, and the left-most door (you can barely see the doorknob) is another linen closet.

I redecorated the girls' bathroom (which, in all of the former houses, was a shabby chic guest bathroom), and I really like how it turned out.  Not much to it, but still cute!

That's all the energy I have for this post.  To be continued!


Casey said...

Love the pictures! I like to get a visual!! I can't wait to see Miss Lorelei's room!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful... you home, your girls..Enjoy..