Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy October!

Finally, October is here and we've had some cooler weather!  That last two mornings have been less than 60 degrees, which is amazing.  It's also been less humid, which is the best.  I love October, mostly because I love all of the orange decorations.  I dress Sydney in any Halloween clothes or bows she owns the entire month as often as possible, because they're so much fun to wear.  Here she is in her UT Halloween shirt and candy corn bow.

And here she was last Halloween in her Navy Cheerleader costume.  She's going to be a Navy Cheerleader again this year, because she has another outfit in her current size (both outfits were gifts) and because I'm choosing to be lazy.  (By the way, I just ordered a treat bag similar to Sydney's for Lorelei.  It's green with a pumpkin on it, and is also monogrammed.) 

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Anonymous said...

Sydney has really changed since last Halloween! This year she will unwrap the candy first before biting it! -- PJ