Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update and Lorelei's Room!

I made an unplanned visit to the doctor today.  Sydney has been sick for about a week with a cold (although she's almost through with it now).  Friday night, my throat started hurting a little, but it was nothing serious, and it only hurt off and on until last night.  Last night it started to hurt really badly, so I made a last-minute doctor appointment to make sure I didn't have Strep.  Since I HAVE to see an OB for all of my medical care, the doctor asked if I wanted to go ahead and do the exam that they were going to do Thursday.  Um...yes!  So she determined that I am dilated 3 cm.  Hopefully Lorelei will be here by this weekend!

Since I officially feel like I could go into labor at any time, I finally took pictures of her room.  Here are the two "main" shots to get an idea of what the entire room looks like.

The rest of the pictures are taken clockwise, starting immediately to the left after you walk through her door.  This is the bow holder I bought at a base-wide garage sale.  The woman custom makes them, but this was one that someone ordered and never picked up.  It just so happened to be the exact colors of Lorelei's room, and she sold it to me for $20 (much less than what she normally sells them for).  She added the "L" after I paid for it, and even though it's not EXACTLY my style, I think it adds a necessary girly flair to the room, what with the flowers and butterflies.

The closet door is to the right of the bow holder.  Lorelei's closet is ridiculous.  She will never be able to wear all of the clothes in it...but the girl will certainly be a fashionista like her big sister!  The diaper boxes on the shelves are not diapers (although I have plenty of those too!) but more clothes and toys that will take a few months for her to grow into.

The gorgeous hat and blanket were knitted (crocheted?) by Chet's Grandma Lois, who Lorelei will share a middle name with.  Also pictured is the Halloween treat bag with her name on it (like Sydney's, but different).  By the way, Lorelei's room is a perfect example of what I was talking about in my last post regarding things ending up in places you never thought they would end up as you move from house to house.  This, as you can tell, is a hat/coat rack, that we kept by the front door in our last house.  Her curtains used to be the master bedroom curtains.  The bookshelf was in the guest bedroom two houses ago, and at the top of the stairs in the last house.  And her dresser/changing table was the very same one that my mom and dad changed me on when I was a baby!  I can't believe it's still in such great shape...

I "made" the lamp in this picture.  It was one of my projects.  I bought it at Family Dollar for $6 (ha!), but the base was bright pink.  Chet spray painted the base lavender, and I added the ribbon. 


Rocky said...

LOVE the room, and I'm so excited for Lorelei to be here! Keep us updated! Love you guys!

Casey said...

Love her room!!! I should be sending you a package this weekend or early next week - I'm SO SORRY it's late!! Your organization in that closet is inspiring! I always think of you when I start organizing stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Her room is adorable!!! Such cute ideas...esp the lamp!! And I love that bow holder....I want one and I'm not even a little girl NOR do I wear bows - haha!!
I think you need to come back to GA and help me redecorate!!
Hoping she makes an appearance soon!!!
Aunt Shannon