Sunday, October 9, 2011

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

This weekend I took pictures of the master bedroom and bathroom.  I finally got around to buying curtains for the windows, and Chet hung them yesterday, so it felt like the right time!  I had also been storing random baby stuff (for Lorelei) in our bedroom until now, so all of that is gone, making the area much more photo-worthy. 

I've probably said it before, but after moving three times in two years, I've learned that things don't end up in the "same" place as you move from house to house.  For example, in this house, the area where we have our couch/TV/recliner does not have room for a coffee table.  (Well, technically there is room, but this area of the house is where we "live" the most, and the coffee table left less room for Sydney to play, and I didn't want to have to constantly clean little fingerprints off of it's glass top.)  Anyway, this house has a really big master bedroom (too big, really), so our coffee table ended up in our bedroom.  Along with the area rug that was in the study in the last house (but that was originally purchased for the master bedroom), and the glider/ottoman (which is probably the best place for it, once Lorelei is born).  So now we have a random, but nice, little sitting area in our bedroom.  The master bathroom and closet (only one closet this time) are both very small, and I would have rather the builder taken some space from the bedroom and made them bigger.  You can also see the "arcade" carpet better in these pictures.  (Please excuse the terrible lighting in these pictures.  I still haven't made time to read up on what camera settings to use to make the pictures look at least halfway decent.)

This is the view immediately to the right once you enter the bedroom.  The rest of the pictures are taken counter-clockwise.

As I said, the master bathroom is very small.  It was really hard to take pictures of it, but I did my best!  I also don't put much effort into "decorating" such a small space, especially a small space that only Chet and I use.  I've decided it's just not worth the money.  :-)  And the bathroom is located immediately to the left once you enter the master bedroom.

View immediately to the right once you enter the bathroom.

The bathtub/shower is on the left, behind the bathroom door.


Anonymous said...

I didn't recognize the room without boxes! Ha ha. I'll soon be seeing all this again in person! I can't wait! -- PJ

Casey said...

love it, can't wait to see y'all again!!! It's almost BABY time!!!

Chet and Ashley said...

Thanks, Casey! Daddy, I also miss the industrial look...perhaps I'll put some of the boxes back together for sentimental reasons...