Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grammy and Papa Greg's Visit

I'm sort of doing all my updates in reverse order, but randomly-ordered updates are better than no updates!  :-) 

Last Wednesday Chet's parents arrived from West Palm Beach to visit.  It was their first time to meet Miss Lorelei, and Chet was off work, so it was a few days of good family time.  We started the visit opening "presents" (Grandparents just can't resist!).  Syd loves her doll, tutu, and camouflaged John Deere hat. 

Chet and his dad always do a project when they're together (sometimes more than one), and this time they fixed our couch.  It was sagging in the middle, and they reinforced it.  It is so much sturdier now, and their project led to my project...rearranging the living room!  I haven't taken a picture of it yet, and I never took or posted pictures of what it looked like beforehand, so most of you will probably not be impressed.  I'm much happier with the arrangement though; it really opened up the room.

We also did some gardening (well, I didn't, but everyone else did).  Our flower beds were horrendous, but Chet's mom came to the rescue.  We planted poinsettias and mulched, and it looks beautiful!  (Again, no picture of the finished project.  It's dark outside now, otherwise I would have snapped one right before typing this post!)

Sydney liked throwing the dirt.

This is Syd's new "picture look".  She puts this contemplative look on her face...funny, but not always good for pictures!

Oh!  Chet also bought a mower and weed eater this weekend with Dad in town.  We've never owned either one, because a company has managed the lawn care in every place we've lived thus far...and a company still manages the lawn care at our current house (except the fenced-in back yard).  But Chet was sick of all the dead grass and planted grass several weeks ago in the front, side, and back of the house.  It's started to grow really nicely, and our yard looks oddly green compared to the other yards.  (Literally, all of the grass in our neighborhood is dead.  The Navy was cheap and decided against installing sprinkler systems in the yards.  They should have just spread gravel everywhere.) 

On Friday of their visit, Mom made an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Since Chet and I do not have Thanksgiving plans, it really let me off the hook cooking-wise for tomorrow!  Her dinner was delicious, and tomorrow, Chet, Sydney, and I will eat leftover turkey, green bean casserole (not leftover, I'm making a new one), Chet's Grandma's famous jello salad, and cherry pie (purchased from a bakery, of course...I have a newborn, who has time to make cherry pie from scratch?). 

The day before they left, Chet and I went on a date.  Not a nighttime date, but a morning date!  It was so nice.  All we did was go to Starbucks, Ross, Dollar Tree, and Barnes & Noble.  It was so strange to be kid-free! 

We will get to see Grammy and Papa Greg, as well as the rest of Chet's family, in December, right after Christmas.  We can't wait!

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Casey said...

Syd looks so grown up all of the sudden! Did she get a haircut? Isn't it funny how after kids, grocery shopping alone together becomes a date? LOL