Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few More Easter Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from Easter.  The girls' baskets, and pictures from our little Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  This was Syd's first time hunting eggs, and as soon as she saw them on the grass she started grabbing them.  She didn't quite get the putting them in her basket part though.  And as soon as she realized there were fruit snacks in them, all was lost.  None of the kids were competitive egg hunters...they just had fun picking a couple up every now and then, playing with bubbles, and climbing on the little fort.  The mamas ended up picking up the rest of the eggs.  I think she will have a great time egg hunting next year, when Chet is home!

I am a mean mom.  The girls got beach towels for Easter instead of candy (the Peeps you see in the baskets were quickly confiscated).

You know how it is trying to get several kids to look at the camera at the same time.  I shouted and was able to get this picture...obviously they are shocked/scared that I shouted.  And, believe it or not, this was the very best picture I managed to get, ha!

I can't leave out Lorelei, taking in the action (ignore the crazy lady in the background).

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Casey said...

These are so cute!! Cori got tons of candy in her eggs and basket - but it too, was quickly confiscated. She did get some bubbles, barbies, and a new purse in her basket so she was happy and totally forgot about the candy....that is now in the pantry haunting me every night after she goes to bed. I have a weakness for jelly beans!!