Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter (and Angela's visit)!

Happy Easter, everyone!  He is risen!

We had a wonderful, low-key Easter holiday.  Angela drove into town Thursday evening, and left after church today.  The weekend was full of...not much, which made it perfect!  We relaxed, laughed at Sydney and Lorelei, and ate yummy food.  We didn't do much sightseeing (wait, we didn't do ANY sightseeing), but it's exactly what we needed.  Sydney, Lorelei, and I miss her already, but are thankful for her visit!

Angela and Lorelei

Silly girls.  (And, no, I can't seem to remember why Lorelei is not wearing clothes in any of these pictures.)

Easter morning.


I'm pretty sure Lorelei's trying to bite Syd's fingers.

This one's pretty cute, but not sure why Syd's fingers are on Lorelei's face.

"We're bored!"


Anonymous said...

Great pics...

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, Ashley! Gosh, the girls are gettins so big...some really cute ones here.
Hope you are all doing well...when will Chet get back home? I know you all miss him.
Lots of love!
Aunt Shannon