Saturday, September 22, 2012

11 Months!

My little Bumpkin is 11-months old!  Chet was here to help with the photo session this month, so I was a little more successful in capturing a good picture of the moving target.

First the 10-month picture, for comparison:
If you can't remember the shenanigans from the 10-month session, just click here.

Don't you love that wild, wispy blonde hair?  I do.  She's bow-less in the "official" 11-month picture, because it was the best shot I could get that included most of her body, but here's my other favorite:

Here's the 11-month update:
  • She does her pseudo-crawl everywhere she goes (and she can do it surprisingly fast).  Oftentimes she gets on her knees into the "official" crawling position, but then puts her left leg out in front and drags herself along, preferring the pseudo-crawl to the official crawl.
  • She's pulling herself up to a standing position more and more.  She's so proud of herself.
  • I think she's a pretty good communicator; she's always pointing and grunting/squealing at what she wants.
  • Her "words" include: Mama, Dada, kitty cat, puppy, ball, and baby (maybe...when we were in Texas she was saying something similar to "kitty cat" and "puppy" whenever she would see my parents' cat or dog.  And when she says "ba!" and "baba!" we act as if she is saying ball and baby, because everyone knows you can make baby mutterings into anything you want them to be.)
  • She has four top teeth and two bottom teeth.
  • I'm still slower than most on the solid food front, but she wants to eat whatever we're eating, whether that be spaghetti or jalapenos.
  • She's so squishy and cuddly and wonderful, and she's my little Bumpkin.  I call her that because of the song "Country Bumpkin" by Cal Smith (other people have recorded it too, but I like Cal Smith's version best.  You can watch it on YouTube here).  Why on earth does that song remind me of Lorelei?  I'm not entirely sure, but I guess because the song reminds me of fall (my favorite time of year) due to the "frost out on the pumpkin" in the lyrics.  And Lorelei is my fall baby, so there you have the connection!
Here are more pictures from the 11-month session:

Getting ready.


This frog helped her sit still.  She loves chewing on his eyeball.

We attempted the bow again, but she removed it and kindly handed it back.

"Here you go!"

Chet had the good idea to do some standing pictures.

She was enraptured by something out the window.

Another bow attempt and immediate removal.

She sat down and held the bow up to her own head, just to show us she knows exactly where it belongs...

...but that she will not comply.

Playing with daddy is more fun than taking pictures.


Casey said...

the first one of her handing the bow to you I caught a glimpse of you in her face!! I love all of these pictures! I can't believe she's getting so big!!

Angela said...

Oh my gosh I love her SO MUCH! I can't believe her birthday is just around the corner...