Monday, September 17, 2012

Sassy Sydney

Our sweet Sydney has reached a whole new level of 2-year old sass.  We've been experiencing it for a few weeks now, and wow.  Chet and I have to keep reminding ourselves that, in the grand scheme of things, this is only a short season in her little life, and that all we can do is make sure she feels loved, no matter how crazy she acts what (and implement the strategies from John Rosemond's book "Making the Terrible Twos Terrific"...I love this book because it's so commonsense).

Anyway, here is an update on Sydney, in pictures (all from the iPhone...I've been a terrible picture-taker lately):

Here's an action shot of her arranging the rabbit pelts in the aisle at Hobby Lobby.

Chet was a nice daddy and took her "swimming" after work while Lorelei and I rested.

Last Saturday (September 8th), my friends Amy and Sarah and I ran as a team in the 17th annual Volkslauf Mud Run.  The run was on base, and it was about 5 miles of wading through muddy trenches and climbing over huge mud hills.  Very gross, but a fun/good experience.  Every runner got a medal.  Here is Sydney wearing the medal (can't remember why she was in her underwear).  Yes, that's her pacifier you see in her mouth.  Attractive, right?  That another aspect of this new level of "two" that we are dealing with (pacifier re-attachment).

I got this really cute LSU dress at the childrens' resale shop.  Both girls also got matching LSU and UT bows.

Last Tuesday (September 11th), before dance class, Sydney got her hair cut.  I didn't get great before and after pictures, but here she is before, in the adjoining coffee shop (she wolfed down that banana nut muffin so fast I didn't even get a bite).

Here's an "after" picture.  It's a cute little bob, and her hair looks healthy again.

The other night, post-bath time and pre-bedtime, I noticed a bunch of Lorelei's socks scattered all over her bedroom floor.  Chet said Sydney got them out of the box and put them on herself (they are WAY too small for her).

I like her style.

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Casey said...

Don't expect this "season" in her life to come and go too quickly! We are working on FOUR and things haven't gotten much fact....maybe worse. SASSY to no end...and the more she learns to talk, the more attitude she will find within herself. Good luck!! LOL