Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, Again

Yikes, last week was busy.  So was the weekend.  I'm looking forward to a little reprieve this week so I can catch up on blogging, chores, etc.

To quickly catch you up (I'll go into detail about some of it later), my dad and brother Grant came for a visit Thursday (they left yesterday, Sunday).  I think we sold our 4Runner this weekend (ha, seems like something I should know for sure, right?), and Chet and I attended the annual Seabee Ball on Saturday evening.  (There was a dress snafu that deserves it's own blog post.)

I just realized I haven't loaded any recent pictures from the camera onto the computer (and I don't have time this morning before Lorelei gets up), but I can show you the rest of the pictures from Mallie Girl Photography!  The camera was loving Lorelei this time around, but Chet and I think we need to work on Syd's smile-on-demand smile...

Considering all of these pictures were taken in about 15 minutes, I'm pleased with the result!  Since we just had their pictures taken in October (for Lorelei's 1st birthday), I'm not sure I'll get huge wall prints of any of these (I'm running out of wall space!), but I do think a couple of them are frame-worthy.  Plus, I'm getting better about changing the photos I display as the seasons change, so that helps.
Have a lovely Monday!

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