Thursday, March 28, 2013

House Changes: Lorelei's Room

Here's a little update on what Lorelei's room looks like!  (For pictures of what Lorelei's room looked like right before she was born, click here.)

The biggest changes in L's room are that I replaced the wooden rocking chair with the glider, the hat rack is back downstairs near the front door, and I've added a few accessories.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest...

With the hat rack gone, I put the crib in the corner and repositioned the rug.  I used to have the glider and ottoman sitting where the rug is now (and where the wooden rocking chair was originally), but I moved it to the left of the crib, sort of behind the closet door, in order to open the room up more.
I'm sure I've talked about this glider on this blog before, but I need to say again how much I love it.  It's a gold and red toile pattern, and it doesn't remotely match the room, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm happy every time I see it.  We acquired this glider/ottoman for free, and Chet's mom recovered it with the fabric I chose.  She should be a professional glider/ottoman coverer, she did such a good job!  I purposely chose a fabric I simply liked, and did not even attempt to match it to anything in Sydney's room (we got it just after Sydney was born).  It's a good thing, because this glider has been in the living room, family room, our bedroom, and now Lorelei's bedroom.  None of those rooms share a color scheme, so I'm glad I went with the fabric I liked best.
We got this print (taken at Lorelei's 1st birthday photo session) framed for Lorelei for Christmas (she received many practical, grown-up things for Christmas this year since she still doesn't know the difference...I try to take advantage of kids Not Knowing the Difference for as long as possible...).

Remember the star hanging in front of the curtains in the first picture?  Here is a close-up of that beauty, and here is the story behind it.  When we went to West Palm Beach back in October to visit Chet's family, this star was hanging in Mom's and Dad's living room.  I immediately commented on how much I liked it, and Chet's mom said, "Do you want it?"  Um, yes, please!  Mom's friend Kim gave it to her, and it belonged to and hung in Kim's daughter's room growing up.  Kim wanted another little girl to enjoy it, so she passed it along to Mom, knowing she had three granddaughters.  This star was the perfect accessory to Lorelei's room.  I always keep her curtains closed (I probably don't need to anymore, but I needed to when she was younger because there was no telling when she would need to go down for a nap, and I didn't want to mess with closing blinds and curtains while trying to get her to bed...she was a finicky sleeper back then), and now I can simply light up the star when she's awake and her room no longer feels like a dungeon!  I also love that it's special, and not something I bought brand new at Target (even though Target is wonderful).
Just a few changes to the bookcase, and no changes to the changing table or the bow holder pictured in the original post.

P.S. I received the newest Pottery Barn Kids catalogue in the mail this week...dangerous.  I'm mentally planning a shared room for the girls, and I think I've spent about $15,000 redecorating it (not really, $15,000, but yikes).

Have a lovely Thursday!

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