Saturday, July 6, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day wasn't even a month ago, and I'm already posting about it -- go me!

Before I forget, Chet is taking the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) this afternoon in Mobile, Alabama, so the girls and I will be on our own for most of this Saturday.  We arrived back in Mississippi Thursday evening (July 4th), and we're 95% unpacked (which I am extremely proud of).  We have no food in the house, so a trip to the grocery store is crucial at some point today.  I finally finished the May de-cluttering project, for those of you who were losing sleep over the not knowing.  And that concludes my stream of consciousness.

This year's Father's Day was very low key, but Chet claims he had a very nice day.  He opened his cards and gifts in the morning before church (sorry, those pictures are still on the camera), and then we went to early church.

After church we went to Starbucks for a late morning coffee/snack.  We went to Starbucks on Father's Day last year too, so perhaps we've started a tradition.
Chet and Sydney, 2013

Lorelei and Chet, 2013
Compare those pictures to last year's pictures, just for fun:
Sydney, 2012

Lorelei and Chet, 2012
Sydney actually happens to look quite the same...

After Starbucks, we did what every father wants to do on his special day: mattress shopping!  Since the girls started sharing a room in April, we now have a guest room, but no mattress for the bed (the one we had when we left Jacksonville wasn't special, and we didn't want to store the mattress in the humid garage for 2+ years).  We had started our mattress hunt the day before, but needed to finish the project before the weekend was over, because Chet's parents were arriving for a visit the following Friday (and there is never time during the week after work for such tasks).  So we went to Sam's Club after Starbucks, then home to eat lunch/put the girls down for naps.  While the girls napped, Chet went by himself to the Air Force Base Exchange (the first place we looked when we started mattress shopping on Saturday) to buy the mattress we had decided on.

Of course, simply purchasing the mattress isn't the end.  That afternoon we vacuumed the guest bedroom, put the bed together, hauled the mattress and box spring upstairs, hung pictures on the walls in the bedroom, and made the bed.  Poor Chet!  He was a good sport though.

After all that we went to dinner at our favorite Mississippi Mexican food restaurant.  These were taken outside of the restaurant, and I'll compare them to similar pictures from last year:
Sydney, 2013

Lorelei and Chet, 2013
Lorelei and Chet, 2012
Apparently I didn't take a picture of Sydney at the restaurant last year.

Happy Father's Day!

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