Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swim Lessons

Chet and I are sitting at the car wash, waiting for our bug-laden van to get clean, so might as well blog, right?  (Only the outside of the van was bug-laden, just in case you were worried and/or grossed out.)

Two weeks ago Lorelei started swim lessons.  Due to several afternoon thunderstorms, the four lessons we paid for stretched out over two weeks, but we got them done.  We put her in the parent/tot swim class, which means that Chet or I had to be in the pool with her throughout the lessons.  She was the second youngest in her class of five kids, and she did great.  Except when it was time for her to float on her back (with us holding her up) and kick across the length of the pool and back.  She mistakenly thought it was relaxation time and that we were her servants as we pulled her back and forth across the pool and she basically took a nap.  But other than that...

She's aware of the importance of staying hydrated.

Sydney has not taken swim lessons yet.  I should have put her in them last year, but Lorelei was nine-months old and still super needy, and Chet had just had knee surgery, so Syd got the short end of the stick.  She is eligible for the parent/tot class, but I think she is more than ready to take lessons on her own, so I am waiting for a call from the pool to set up private lessons (there is a waiting list).

Can you believe it's already July?!?!


Casey said...

I just LOVE that blond blond hair of hers!! I laughed at her napping in the pool!!

Chet and Ashley said...

Haha, she was SO relaxed! It was ridiculous.