Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I signed Syd up for gymnastics. Her friend next door, and a little boy in her class at school (who also lives nearby) signed up for the same class. They started last Tuesday, so yesterday was their second class. All three kiddos seem to love it.

***Side note: Here in northern Virginia, everyone makes buckets of money (hardy har har), so activities are a lot more expensive than they were in south Mississippi. Also, there are a lot more "sessions." For example, at Sydney's dance school in MS, there was a fall session (which was the entire school year) and a summer session. Here, there seem to be two sessions per season, so about eight sessions a year. It seems a little over the top to me, but a brilliant way for a company to keep the money rolling in.***

I have not driven Sydney to gymnastics yet. There's this brilliant little thing called carpooling, which seems to be quite popular around here (or maybe it only seems popular because I finally have a child old enough to be part of one). The little boy's mom has taken all three kids both weeks, because her son is a little hesitant in new situations. I imagine I will land pick-up duty before too long (the drop off time is during Lor's nap). Oh, and parents are not allowed to watch, which is why I couldn't care less who drives the carpool (parents are only allowed to watch the very last class on June 17th).

Syd seems to love it, but I'm not sure if we'll make gymnastics a regular thing. I am certain she will never be an Olympic gymnast, one reason being she is too tall and lanky (am I allowed to say that?). She'll more likely end up as a ballerina or basketball player.

Here are all of the gymnastics pictures I have:
(Hydration is crucial for an hour-long preschool gymnastics session.)

Oh, and Sydney IS signed up for ballet: the second summer session. It starts after the 4th of July. I'll let you know which she likes better. 


Anonymous said...

No Mom, you can't say she is too tall. She is perfect. You weren't short as a kid and you did fine in gymnastics. You don't want her to be a hobbit. LOL All three are perfect and just the way God made them.... beautiful. Love them all.
Aunt Sheila

Chet and Ashley said...

Haha, "hobbit!" You're right -- she can do whatever her heart desires (within reason, right?!)!