Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last Saturday's Adventure

need to catch up on my "adventure" posts! I will probably post twice about this particular adventure, because there are pictures of it from my phone and Chet's--and I do things the difficult way by e-mailing the pictures to myself, saving them to the computer, then posting them on the blog (and I just don't feel like going through all of that right now--right now I'm taking the sort of easy way out by posting directly from my phone). I prefer not to plug my phone into the computer to upload the pictures, because then all of Chet's apps that I don't have show up on my phone, and I just don't need three different apps that tell me the current wind speed in Bermuda.

Anyway, last Saturday we took a short, sweet adventure into DC, where we visited the "Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence" and fed the ducks and geese, then walked about half of The Ellipse to see the White House South Lawn (President Obama's backyard, if you will).

Instead of taking the Metro, we drove to an area where there is usually available parking on weekends (because people who usually park there are not at work on a weekend). We parked near the Department of the Interior building, changed Bubby's diaper, and set off.

Syd is a ham, and Lorelei was cold:

It seems I accidentally put a filter on my phone's camera, but I think it made the pictures kind of snazzy:
Chet said, "Nice diaper in the background," of this picture, but I wanted to document the actual diaper change. I mean, who wouldn't?!?!

The girls had a blast feeding the ducks and geese. I think Syd ate half the loaf of 7-Eleven white bread herself though.

I'm going to have to stop here, because Chet has the rest of the pictures, and I want to include a couple of links for you (something I haven't figured out how to do on my phone yet).

Happy Sunday!

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