Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

I'm so thankful for a day dedicated to the remembrance of the men and women who gave their lives in service to this great country. Their sacrifices mean that today, in 2014, we enjoy a day off work and barbecue. As long as we remember the reason for and meaning behind Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day, and established after the Civil War in order to honor the lives of the fallen Union and Confederate soldiers), days off work and barbeques are fine and dandy!

Chet actually had Friday off work, as well as today, so we've enjoyed our 4-day weekend. We started the day off early (thank you, Ford); Chet and the girls picked up a breakfast treat from Dunkin Donuts and were home by 8 a.m. After Ford woke up from his morning nap (which started at 7 a.m...lawdy, boy), we all packed up and headed to Home Depot. Our goal was to buy lumber and hardware for Chet to build a small swing set in the backyard, but they didn't carry any such hardware in the store (just online). So we bought a rake, after I swooned over the washers and dryers. It was 10:30 a.m. by the time we were getting back into the car to head back home (I can't believe I'm still awake now to type this).

We ate lunch and played outside until it was time for Lorelei and Ford to take a nap. Chet and Syd went back to Home Depot, where Chet bought plywood to build the girls a play house (something he had been thinking of doing, just not necessarily this weekend). That took up the rest of the day, and we grilled chicken and ate dinner on the porch. The girls had chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and blueberries for dessert (Chet and I may have had more than one Lofthouse sugar cookie from the grocery store bakery for dessert...and I could totally go for another...).

We're a little behind schedule tonight, getting the kids settled and in bed. I'm going to be confused all week since we had Monday off, but that's okay.

I don't have a picture of the playhouse; I'll take one tomorrow. Here are a couple of other pictures though.

Lorelei enjoying a free donut hole at Dunkin Donuts while they waited for our to-go order. The girls had sugar, and only sugar, for breakfast. Yum.

Red, white, and blue:

They love him (not sure why the girls decided to wear bracelets around their ankles today):

Bubby, asleep in the car after Home Depot. He looks like he's only pretending:


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Sweet, sweet klds!

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