Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Since I'm on a roll...

...why not see if I can post every day in September?

Remember the series of photos of Lorelei dancing?  I've taken many a good series of her lately (in my opinion).  Here are two more:

I was trying to capture a good picture of her in her LSU dress to send to my dad, but I didn't want her to make a crazy picture face.  Having her talk is pretty much the only way she won't make such a face.  Here she is giving me a long, complicated explanation of who knows what:
Listening to my "talking prompt"

And here's another series.  Chet and I were both busy trying to get us all out the door to go somewhere, so he gave Bubby to Lorelei to "babysit" (she was watching "Go, Diego, Go" at the time).

At first she seemed excited about her task (as was Bubby):

Then she remembered she was watching a show, but she was still fairly engaged in her job since she was holding his foot (which I thought was kind of adorable):

The show must have gotten more interesting, because she needed to direct the foot-holding attention back to the TV:

Fully immersed in the show again (Bubby doesn't seem to mind being abandoned by his babysitter though):

Ford realized there was a show on TV, and this picture makes it look like I'm letting them watch "The Shining" or something, based on their matching semi-horrified expressions:

I can't believe the little stinker is going to be 3-years old next month.

And here is a picture of Syd, for good measure:

Happy Wednesday!  Syd and Lor start school tomorrow!

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