Monday, September 15, 2014

This shall be short...

...maybe.  I really need to get laundry going, dishes washed, and I have big plans to make several peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the freezer (something I've never done before), because I think the bread's about to turn.

But I digress (already).

The house is quiet, because the girls are at school, and Ford just went down for a nap.  During these quiet moments I find myself relishing the semi-eerie silence.  I never turn on music, the TV, a podcast, etc. because the silence is so delicious.

Almost as delicious as the candy corn I bought at Target yesterday and am currently eating as I type this.  I always buy the "Autumn Mix," which is a mixture of regular candy corn, chocolate candy corn, and the pumpkins.  Any flavors or shapes other than the three I just mentioned are too new-fangled for me.

I also bought pumpkin spice M&Ms (haven't tried them yet) and caramel apple pops.  I noticed that there are several brands of caramel apple pops these days, but I like the ones made by "Tootsie" (as in Tootsie Roll).  I told myself when I bought all this candy that it would mainly serve as fall decoration, but let's not kid ourselves.

Speaking of candy corn, I think Ford may be a piece of candy corn for Halloween.  We shall see.

And speaking of candy corn again, my original plan for this morning was to go to the gym instead of eating said candy corn.  But as soon as I started scaling the mountain (also known as a "street" here in northern Virginia) on our way to school this morning, with 17-ish pounds strapped to me in the front (Ford), and pushing 60+ pounds ahead of me in the form of a stroller and two daughters, I changed my mind.  There's always tomorrow.

I ran out of random thoughts momentarily, so I'll go ahead and wrap this up, leaving you with a few pictures.

Ford and Didi matched the other day (more on why Didi was in town later); Ford was, obviously, not in a photographic mood (still cute though).

Lorelei singing to Ford.  "You WILL listen to me sing!"  And always wearing a bathing suit.

Sydney is physically able and willing to push the double stroller, much to my delight (seriously).  And cat ears only make her that much stronger.

Chewing on keys and wearing a dinosaur hat.

At dance class the girls always get to dress up in a costume at the very end and come out and show us.  It thrills every last one of them.

Bathing suit again, this times with doctor glasses for good measure.

You don't watch TV at 7 p.m. while wearing sunglasses?  Huh.

Sitting in the buggy for the first time.

Happy Monday!


Casey said...

How cute! Loved all the pics, especially Ford & Didi!! I'll be there NEXT WEEK!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures seriously made me the face on Ford with your mom....hope you are all well!
Love to all,
Aunt Shannon