Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome, September!

I don't know about you, but I am thrilled each year when September 1st rolls around.  So long, August -- you are the LONGEST month of the year (to me).  In my opinion, August's only redeeming quality is that our oldest nephew has an August birthday, and even that is hard for us to fully appreciate because we rarely get to see him on his special day.  And even though September is usually just as hot as August, I am at least filled with hope that cool weather is just around the corner (even when I have to wait until November for said cooler weather -- although I don't think I'll have to wait that long this year now that we live in Virginia).

September 1st is doubly good this year, because it is also Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.  (Happy Labor Day, by the way!) This means that I can immediately say "Sayonara!" to summer and begin embracing all things pumpkin  (on years when Labor Day is a few days after September 1st, I feel like summer is simply overstaying its welcome).  FYI, I am super old-fashioned, and refuse to wear white jeans and carry white purses or wear white pumps (none of which I actually own) after Labor Day (or before Easter).  Even though those antiquated fashion rules are basically obsolete these days, I continue to adhere to them, and make sure that the rest of my family also adheres (Chet is sad to put away his white jeans each year...kidding!).  I think this makes me a bit of a fashion snob, which is laughable because my fashion sense is quite limited, but I sleep better at night knowing that all of the summery clothes are folded safely away in diaper boxes, and that my children's closets are mostly filled with dark, muted colors.

I promise I won't judge you if you continue to wear your white jeans though -- it only proves that you have more fashion sense than I do, and that you are probably a more flexible, change-embracing person in general.

Also, God forbid we end up getting stationed in southern California or Hawaii or Guam someday.  I may have to flush my own rules down the commode in that scenario.

On that note (not really), here is a series of photos of Lorelei dancing.  We have been having dance parties in the living room lately, because it's the easiest way to get energy out, and it thoroughly entertains Bubby.  Lorelei really gets into the dancing, and her unbridled passion pretty much mirrors the way I feel about the beginning of September:

 And this is Bubby watching:

It is great entertainment for all.

Happy September!


Anonymous said...

Ahem, let's not forget said Aunt's birthday in August - LOL J/K I actually LOVE August, and for me, I can't believe how fast it flew by.....I think we are probably opposites, b/c January is my never-ending month, but I know it is busy for you b/c of all the birthdays! Love the pictures!! Hope you are all doing to all!
Aunt Shannon

Chet and Ashley said...

YES! Your birthday does make August more special! :-) I think the majority of the world would agree with you though -- January is the month that goes on forever, and it more depressing because it is likely cold. I'm glad we have so many birthdays to celebrate during January :-)

Casey said...

Those pictures of Lor are hilarious! She looks like a tiny hippie!

Chet and Ashley said...

Ha, she IS a tiny hippie!

Anonymous said...

Lor looks like she is preaching in a very lively church. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!
Miss y'all!!!

Chet and Ashley said...

AMEN!!! Yes, that's exactly what she looks like! We miss YOU, Colleen!!!