Friday, June 26, 2015

Comment Feature Fixed!

Happy Saturday!!!

In case you are one of the delightful people who read and comment on this blog, you'll be happy to know the comment feature has been fixed!

Since I can't really let that little piece of information serve as a stand-alone blog post, I'll share some pictures (all art-related).

First let me say that I am not creative.  I can copy a project, but I can't come up with the idea for said project.  My poor little brain just doesn't work that way.  (I specifically remember being very young -- preschool or kindergarten-aged -- and being given a blank sheet of paper and box of crayons at daycare/school.  I remember having no idea what to draw, so I copied off the little girl next to me, who was using only a black crayon to draw a sun, sky, ground, etc.  I drew the exact same picture she drew, with a black crayon, and felt pretty accomplished.  Thank goodness I shed those copy-cat tendencies, because they wouldn't have served me well as I advanced through school...)

Anyway, Sydney has, thankfully, inherited the creative skills from Chet's side of the family.  The jury's still out on Lorelei; her creative future may involve black crayons.  When we're inside, the house Sydney and Lorelei usually choose art to pass the time.  Here are some current projects:
Syd loves taping things on the walls--thank goodness for Washi tape! She came up with the pattern below all on her own.

The girls filled balloons with these beads--so random, but so quiet in the house for 10 minutes!

Lorelei's favorite is drawing rainbows:

 I said, "Smile, Lorelei!" Hmm...

In case you were feeling impressed, this was the next day, spaced out in front of "Sesame Street." After I snapped this, Lorelei said, "This is hard." Me: "What's hard?" Lorelei: "Watching this show." Summer, you have done your job.


Anonymous said...

They look so grown up.

Anonymous said...

Lorelei has a comical side with her poses...ha

Anonymous said...

They are getting so big!
Kisses & hugs to all!
Aunt Shannon