Friday, June 5, 2015

Some MK, Puddle Jumping, and Target

Can we just pretend like it's not Friday already?  (On the other hand -- WOO HOO!  IT'S FRIDAY!!!)

I know I said I was only going to talk about Mary Kay on Mondays, but since I've let two Mondays lapse now without saying anything, I'm going to go ahead and mention some Mary Kay things today.  Don't worry, I'll throw in some stuff about the kiddos at the end to make it worth your while ;-)

Wednesday morning I conducted my first solo skin care class.  The hostess was a friend who also attended my debut party (back on May 14th), and she was so gracious in hosting her own gathering for me.  There were five women total, and we had a great time.  One of my favorite things about this business is getting to know and hang out with amazing women who I would not normally have the chance to meet.

Also, I want to share an amazing product with you -- Mary Kay's After-Sun Replenishing Gel.

YOU GUYS.  I love this stuff.  Here's why:

1) It smells good.  This can almost be considered a fact, because Sydney and Lorelei love it, and are always slathering it on themselves for no good reason.  And these are the children always exclaiming things like, "Ew, Bubby stinks!" and "Ew, what's that smell?!" (usually referring to me, the moment I step out of the shower).  So, yeah.

2) My skin didn't peel after getting my first sunburn of the year.  On Memorial Day I got a sunburn ONLY on the right side of my body: specifically my right shoulder/upper arm, and the top of my right foot (don't ask).  The burn hurt, because it's been a ghostly-pale winter and this was the first time I had gotten any significant sun on my skin this year.  I kept slathering this stuff on because it made my burned skin feel better.  I didn't realize until this week (two weeks after said sunburn!) that my skin never peeled.  AND IT ALWAYS PEELS.  This was not a scientific experiment, I'm just sayin'.

3) This product contains "soothing botanical extracts rich in antioxidants" that made my sunburned skin feel better, but it can also makes insect bites feel better.  How do I know?  Because I've tested it on Sydney, queen of bug bites and addict to topical Benadryl and bandaids.  Yesterday she was whining requesting topical Benadryl and bandaids for three different bug bites, one of which was in her armpit, and I put this on them instead (sans bandaids).  I didn't hear a complaint for the rest of the day.  Placebo affect?  Perhaps, but I'll take it.

4) It's not sticky.  Also "proven" because Sydney didn't bat an eye when I rubbed it on her armpit bug bite, as stated above.  Trust me, she would have complained had it been sticky.

Besides the quote I used in #3, these are my opinions, not scientific facts or product guarantees.  But I wanted to share this specific product with you because I really love it and because it might sound like something you need.  And if it DOES sound like something you need...drumroll...

This is the product of the week, which means you can buy 1, get 1 50% off!

And guess what?  If you place an order through my website (, you automatically get a 5% discount and ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!

So that means (depending on where you live and your state tax), you could get two of these babies, normally $14 apiece, for $21.35 total (assuming a 7% tax rate)!

Okay, I'm done.

Now for the kiddos.

Have I mentioned it's summer vacation here?  It's been raining all week, but we've been doing okay in spite of the rain.  I even stepped waaaaaay out of my comfort zone and let them splash in puddles:

And apparently I need to take more pictures of my children, because this is all I have (that I haven't already posted on this blog).

Yesterday morning we all went to the gym (the kids like going to the gym to play, and I especially like it when outside play isn't really an option due to rain), and then to the adjoining Target afterward.  We didn't really need anything at Target, but it was close to lunch time, so I decided to feed them lunch as we strolled around and browsed.  Lunch consisted of popcorn, those apple juice drinks where the straw comes out of a character's head (Sydney chose Hello Kitty, Lorelei chose Spiderman), and a couple of cheese sticks.  It was a meal to remember.

We didn't need anything, but here's what we left Target with: a blue-striped picnic blanket, two $1 bin drink holders, and two child/toddler-sized maxi dresses.  Because all of those things are obviously necessities (does Target play some sort of hidden message music, compelling us to buy things?).


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