Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chapped lips sink ships...

...actually, loose lips sink ships, but I'm sure chapped lips didn't help matters.

What on earth am I even talking about?

For Mary Kay Monday this week (I know, I know, today is Tuesday), I'm introducing you to a little set that I loved called Satin Lips.

It's a 2-piece set (as you can see in the picture), comprised of a lip mask (step 1) and lip balm (step 2).    (You don't have to use the two products together; they can be used, and are also sold, separately if you so desire.)  I actually have two lip balms (step 2); I keep one in the top drawer of my nightstand and one in my purse.

The lip mask (step 1) is something I found myself not using very often (even though I love it).  It's not that using the lip mask is complicated; you simply use your finger to apply the mask to your lips, wait a couple of minutes, then rinse it off.  So I have no idea why I wasn't using it regularly, I'm just sharing reality with you.  But THEN...I figured out a trick (actually, I overheard someone at my weekly Mary Kay meeting share this tip): keep/use the lip mask in the shower!  Now I use it all the time, and my lips are thanking me.  Why is this such a game-changing tip?  I don't know.  Maybe because I'm an American, and having to wait two minutes between applying the lip mask and washing it off felt too time consuming.  But in the shower...more likely than not you'll shower for at least two minutes, so apply the lip mask at the beginning and wash it off at the end.  Also, since you're already drenched from head to toe, washing off the lip mask is much less daunting than when you're standing at the sink.  We Americans are nothing if not high maintenance.

Anyway, if your life is anything like mine, your lips are unsurprisingly chapped in the winter, and surprisingly chapped in the summer.  So through Sunday (8/30) you can purchase the Satin Lips set for 20% off (or the lip mask or balm for 20% off if you only want one)!

Satin Lips Set: $14.40 (regularly $18)
Satin Lips Mask (step 1): $8 (regularly $10)
Satin Lips Balm (step 2): $8 (regularly $10)

Send me a text or e-mail (ashleywyckoff@marykay.com), comment on this blog, or place an order directly on my site (www.marykay.com/ashleywyckoff)!  (The 20% discount will not be visible on the site, but worry not!  If you register as a customer on my website, I personally calculate your total and determine your total, even if you enter credit card information.)  ***IMPORTANT: Please do not check out as a GUEST on my website if you want the discount!  If you check out as a guest, you will only receive the usual 5% discount that I offer, not the 20% discount, because I don't have any control over guest checkout orders.***

Cheers to Tuesday, and to having satin lips!

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