Tuesday, December 6, 2016

9 Months!

This little nugget is 9-months old today ("official" pictures to follow):
(Looking a little bit like a baby boy in this picture, but that's okay.)

She started crawling the week of Thanksgiving. Her sisters and brother didn't crawl until 10-months old, so she's a prodigy in our eyes.

She has two bottom teeth, but I swear those giant top two teeth have been on the verge of breaking through for weeks. She's definitely lagging behind the others in the teeth category (Sydney had TEN TEETH on her first birthday. Yikes.)

She claps and dances (she's a dancing MACHINE) and says "bye bye," but she prefers to whisper it.

She loves her sisters and brother more than anything. And they love her more than anything.
She wants to be in the middle of them at all times, and they usually let her. Ford is always exclaiming, "Ruthie is so CUTE!" Yes, yes she is.

She has a big personality, but she's also super laid back.
"Who ME?!"
You're our favorite baby, Ruth Emily. Happy 9 months!

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Anonymous said...

she's so darn cute!!!
Aunt Shannon