Friday, December 9, 2016

7-, 8-, and 9-Month Pictures

I'm WAY behind on posting Ruthie's monthly pictures! (Not as behind as Ford's though.)

Here's a review of her first six months.

Now for seven months and beyond.

Here's the Cliff's Notes version:

You know your baby's growing up when you let her hold the sticker upside down rather than making her wear it.

And now for some boring details/more pictures in case you're interested.

She couldn't decide how she felt during her 7-month shoot (I make that sound like it's professional, of which it is definitely not):
8 months (I took these super late in the afternoon, hence the terrible lighting and the reason there are only two pictures):

That's her I'm-pleasantly-frustrated face.

9 months:

That was literally the only picture I got of her visibly wearing the sticker. She was more interested in crawling at me, or away from me, on the bed. And I didn't even pretend to mess with a bow this month.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

She's such a cutie/happy baby!! Gosh, 9 months, hard to believe!
Kisses from Aunt Shannon!