Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doctor Appointments and Random Pictures

Sydney turned two weeks old February 10th, and also had her tAdd Imagewo-week well baby appointment that morning. She was a little jaundiced when she was born, and the doctor thought she still looked pretty yellow on February 10th, so they pricked her heel again to run some blood work. Indeed, her bilirubin level was still elevated, so we made another appointment for the following Wednesday (which was this past Wednesday, February 17th). The doctor thought she STILL looked yellow at that appointment (and she is), but her legs are a more normal color, so her yellow-ness is starting to diminish. The doctor gave us the option of pricking her heel again to draw more blood, or waiting until the following week to see if she looked any better. We opted not to prick her heel (the doctor agreed that it wasn't worth putting her through that again) and made another appointment for this coming Wednesday. He thinks her jaundice is simply due to the fact that she's breastfed, and isn't worried (and I am finally starting to worry less). Speaking of food...Sydney was back up to her birth weight (6 lbs, 11.4 oz) at her two-week appointment, and weighed 7 lbs, 5 oz last week! She gained 10 oz in one week (the little chunk!). Actually, she's far from chunky, but I think she's about to outgrow her newborn clothing because she's getting too long!

Yes, Sydney? Do you have a question?

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Anonymous said...

Shelooks great. Mine were jaundiced a little too. The doctor told me to just let them "sunbathe" in a sunny window for about 10 minutes each day. It worked. Hope this helps.
Aunt Sheila