Friday, February 5, 2010

Enough procrastination!

Hello, everyone! I'm back to blogging (I've been politely reminded by some friends to post pictures, plus, I started to feel guilty on my own for ignoring the blog)...
I don't have much time now, so I'll post the labor and delivery story later, but here are some pictures of Sydney Jo. She's doing great at home, and thanks to Casey for updating the blog while we were in the hospital!
Aunt Jenni and Sydney
Uncle Wes and Sydney
Going Home Outfit (huge!)
Car Ride Home
Tiny Baby, Giant Crib
Profile Shot in Carseat
Sara, Sydney, and Mommy
Daddy and Sydney
Grammy and Sydney
First Trip to Target (5 days old!)
Sydney and Casey's Beautiful Blanket
First Sponge Bath
Mommy and Sydney
Grammy and Sydney
Zonked Out
New Moses Basket


CranfordFamily said...

omg I just love her!!! She is so tiny!!!! I hate that you live so far, I want to see you guys! How is the breastfeeding going, and everything else? Call me when she's napping sometime so we can catch up!!! Your momma is coming up today right? I bet she is sooo excited. I wish she would have packed me in her suitcase!

The Jackmans said...

Beautiful Pics!! She is so cute!!

Danielle said...

Ashley, she's adorable! I know you're just loving every minute! Enjoy her being so tiny...and take LOTS of pictures, because before you know it, she'll be big! I look at these pictures and I don't even remember Aubrey being that tiny...and it was only 10 short months ago! Her bows are adorable, and Aubrey has that same "Ta Da! Cuteness has arrived!" outfit...though she's already grown out of hers... :(

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! Hope you are all easing into parenthood painlessly! HOw is she sleeping? Hopefully, we'll get to see all of you in 2010! Keep posting pictures, I'm loving them!! xoxo Aunt Shannon