Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grammy and Didi

I'm pretty proud of myself for only going a week and a day between blog posts, but I know I should at least post pictures more regularly, so I promise to try! Here's what we've been up to: Chet's mom (Grammy) stayed with us the first week after Sydney came home from the hospital, and my mom (Didi) flew into Jacksonville last Friday to stay with us this week. Chet went back to work the first Monday after Sydney was born, so it's just been the girls hanging out during the day (I think Chet feels a little outnumbered). Didi flies back to Houston tomorrow, and Chet will begin two weeks of leave; we're looking forward to two whole weeks of family time!

Daddy and Sydney (there's been a lot of TV watching these past two weeks!)
Poor, baby! Daddy propped her up on the couch as if she was watching TV...

Didi Feeding Sydney Baby Feet Tummy Sleeping

Didi and Sydney

One day Sydney was sitting in Didi's lap, and we realized that her toe was sticking out of her outfit. We thought it was hilarious (perhaps because we're a little sleep deprived)...

Mommy and Sydney

By the way, here are what Sydney's finished wooden letters look like hanging on the wall!

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