Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4-Month Doctor Appointment

It's been a while since I've updated (and I have so much to update), but I'm going to start with something easy so as not to overwhelm myself!

Monday was Sydney's 4-month doctor appointment, with a new doctor. She has been seeing a pediatrician from the hospital where she was born, and although he's great and completely in tune with all of her issues, we really needed to switch her to the Mayport clinic in order to eliminate the long drive. Anyway, the appointment went very well. She weighs exactly 13 lbs (although she was also wearing a soaking wet diaper at the time, so I'm going to say she's between 12 and 13 lbs), and is 24" long (but I'm not so sure about that either because the measuring device didn't seem very appropriate for a wiggly infant). Anyway, these numbers put her in approximately the 25th percentile, and the doctor said she was proportional, so I guess that's what matters! During the visit Sydney surprised the doctor with her new found separation anxiety and showed off her bottom teeth. The doctor predicted her top teeth will cut through in the next couple of weeks! (Maybe I should start feeding her steak instead of milk...) Sydney also received her second round of shots, which is never fun.
Here are recent pictures of Sydney in her Bumbo. I attached the tray for the first time the other day and put some toys on it to see what she would do. Her eyes got huge and she started reaching and grabbing for them, sometimes picking them up, sometimes not. It's so cute to watch her learn how to use her hands!
Check out the "pointer" toe
Big Eyes