Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Texas

I'm finally blogging about our trip to Texas! Chet, Sydney, and I flew to Houston Wednesday, May 26th and stayed until Monday, May 31st. (Side note: We also flew to Houston last Memorial Day weekend for Grant's graduation, which was the same weekend I found out I was pregnant with Sydney!) Sydney did great on the plane. She played a little, slept a little, and cried a little, but the ambient noise on the plane was so loud her crying didn't disturb anyone. Thank goodness!

We had so much fun on our trip. Sydney was finally able to meet P-ma, Uncle Grant, Papa Dave, and many members of our extended family. Thursday we took Sydney to my mom's office so that she could meet my mom's coworkers, and Friday we met Casey and her daughter Cori at the mall. Cori played at the indoor playground while Casey held Sydney and we all visited, and then we decided (out of nowhere!) to get Sydney's ears pierced. (Well, it wasn't entirely out of nowhere. Casey had Cori's ears pierced at the mall's Merle Norman, so it seemed logical to do it with Casey's recommendation and support!) Sydney cried, of course, but was over it in five minutes, and the new earrings haven't bothered her since! They look beautiful, but Chet thinks they make her look more bald. (Speaking of bald, Sydney is growing more hair very quickly, but it's blond, making her appear as bald as ever!) Friday was also Sydney's first time to go swimming, and she loved it! She loved leaning back in the water and kicking and splashing...she was exhausted that night!
Just Before Ear Piercing
Post-Piercing Bottle
Sydney Swimming
Post-Swim Rest with Didi

On Saturday we went to my dad's house and Sydney was able to meet my Uncle Starkey, Aunt Sheila, cousins Starla and Shelby, great Aunt Pat, cousin Joni, and cousin Taylor. The house was full of great food and great company, resulting in a great time!
On Sunday Chet and I left Sydney with Didi and Papa Dave and went to the movies to see "Date Night", then we all met at Pappasito's afterwards for my yearly Mexican food fix. Sadly we had to leave the next day, Monday, but we had a wonderful time! Sydney and I will be back for Christmas!
Four Generations: P-ma, Mommy, Sydney, and Didi
Sydney and Papa John
Uncle Grant and Sydney


Danielle said...

How fun! It looks like ya'll had a great time! You totally won't regret getting Sydney's ears pierced. We did Aubrey's at 4 months old, and I couldn't be happier that it's done! We're going to Humble July 10th, so I'm thinking I'll need a Pappasito's fix then, too! :)

CranfordFamily said...

Love the pic of Grant and Sydney!! I don't know what it is about it but it just made me smile!! Can't wait to see you in September, and again in December!!