Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More House Pictures

Since I posted pictures of the living room and family room/Sydney's play area a couple of days ago, I'm motivated to finally take and post pictures of the rest of the house (it's about time, Ashley, you've lived here seven months already!). As I look at these pictures, I notice how WHITE our walls seem! I mean, they ARE white (we live in base housing, so unless we want to paint and then repaint the walls before we move, there is no point), but they look so much WHITER in the pictures! Oh, well. I promise things look nicer and less correctional institute-ish in person. Also, when we moved into this house, I decided not to hang any of our window treatments since we would be here less than a year. The blinds are nice, so it looks fine, but I think the lack of window treatments makes the pictures look a little more drab. One more thing, I chose white frames for the majority of Sydney's pictures that are hanging on the walls. Since we will be moving into a different house every 2-3 years for the next 15+ years (gulp), I was very adamant about choosing frames that best fit the picture itself (and not matching it to the furniture, because who knows when furniture will be replaced, and not choosing colorful frames just to balance out the white walls). This is another reason our house seems so white, but there are bigger issues in this world than white walls and frames and absent window treatments (although you wouldn't think so the way I went on and on about it).

front door (that's Chet's hospital robe hanging on the coat rack)

ominous-looking staircase

bookshelf at top of staircase

the door to the right (with the picture hanging above it) is Syd's room; the door to the left of Syd's is the guest bedroom; the door to the left of that is a storage closet; the bathroom is to the left of that, but you can't see it from this angle

standing in the "door corner" you just saw, looking back at the staircase

Syd (the fish in these pictures was added later via Photoshop)

Syd's room

sorry about the flash

hallway headed toward master bedroom

I am not super happy with the quality of these pictures. I need to stop procrastinating and read the owner's manual. And, yes, I know we have lots of pictures of Sydney hanging on the walls.


CranfordFamily said...

Why are there no pictures of your room & the guest room or kitchen?!? The wall with the 3 older pics of syd...is that the walkway to your bedroom? I'm trying hard to get a mental pic of the house since I probably wont make it there to see this one! But I'll for sure come to Mississippi!! When is Mississippi anyway? Hope you left room on some of those walls for new baby....which by the way, I think is a boy...

Chet and Ashley said...

Yes, the wall with the three pictures of Syd are on the hallway leading to our bedroom. Don't worry, I'll get around to posting the rest! I'm taking it one step at a time, LOL! We will be moving to Mississippi right around the first of July. I also think it's a boy!!!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

YAY! I just saw the baby ticker!!! I'm so excited for you! We are also expecting baby #2! I plan to "announce" it tomorrow to the blogger and FB world but just had to tell you how thrilled I am for you, Chet, and Sydney!!!

Tina Nitz said...

hehe.. I should be working but I'm browsing your blog instead. LOVE the pics but especially love the images on the walls ;)