Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surgery Update

Chet is doing very well post-surgery, although we make sure to stay on schedule with the pain medication. We were allowed to take off Chet's bandage today, and he was happy for me to scrub off all of the gummy stuff that the bandage left, as well as the ink and the iodine. (It took forever, and it's still not off!) He has a physical therapy appointment tomorrow morning. Despite his condition, Chet is still very helpful around the house!

Feeding Sydney


Before Scrubbing

After Scrubbing


CranfordFamily said...

eeesh looks painful! I hope he has a quick recovery! Yeah, I'd want all that gunk cleaned off too!!! I bet it feels MUCH better to be clean!

Anonymous said...

Good job scrubbing! Did Sydney help? Haha -- PJ