Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Post

I am doing a quick post tonight, because I realized it has been a whole month since I've posted anything (the April 7th non-post doesn't count)! I'm getting my act together, I promise!

Sydney is officially walking (as of Saturday, April 9th). I guess you can say she took her very first steps Saturday, March 12th, but she didn't seem too impressed by walking until April 9th. Now she's an expert. Chet and I are EXTREMELY glad she is walking. We were all frustrated that the only way she could walk was by holding our fingers; Sydney wanted to do that all of the time, and would get upset when we wouldn't do it, and Chet's and my back hurt. We're all much more happy now. Here are a couple of pictures of her walking around, wearing her new blue jean shorts.Here are a couple of more pictures in her UT dress, just because. :-)

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CranfordFamily said...

Cute pictures! Love the tracker @ the top too ;)