Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grant's Visit

Grant left today, but we had a really good time while he was here! We ended up going to the beach yesterday, as planned, and then went out to dinner afterward to a local seafood restaurant. We rented another movie last night, ("Unstoppable"; it was good). We miss him already!

Sydney watching the royal wedding while eating breakfast (the boys' choir was singing at this point; also, she has a scab on the side of her nose from skinning it earlier this week)

Before Dinner Saturday

Sydney was less willing to cooperate here

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your updates, Ashley! Glad Chet's surgery went well and that he is recovering. Sounds like you had a nice time while Grant was in do a great job decorating - want to come and do my house? LOL And of course, Sydney is as precious as always!!
Take care - xoxo
Aunt Shannon