Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day and...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful mothers I know (especially mine!). We had a very uneventful day (and weekend). Last year we went out to dinner for Mother's Day on Saturday, and planned to do the same this year. However, my friend Aubrey (who was on my ship for a little while in 2008) was in town, and we were able to visit with her and her husband on Saturday. We visited so long Chet and I decided to pick up food instead of going to a restaurant (which was just as good, especially since Sydney was in bed by the time we ate). On Sunday we went to church, came home and napped, and then went to the mall just to get out of the house and walk around. Sydney played in the mall play area (sort of), and she and I rode the little train that goes around the mall (Chet claimed he couldn't fit into the train car, so he stayed with the stroller). All in all it was a great day!

Aubrey, Sydney, and Ashley (we were all looking a little rough -- Aubrey just came from the beach, Syd was in a diaper...again...and I just looked like I needed a shower)

Chet and Sydney gave me flowers for Mother's Day, and will also give me a charm once we know the sex of the baby. That's right! In case you didn't already know (or couldn't tell by the counter at the top of the blog), we are expecting Baby #2! He/she is due October 22nd, which means I am already 16 weeks (and two days) along. I have been feeling great (no morning sickness to speak of) and last week I started feeling the baby move a little. I've only had two OB appointments so far. The first was at my 10-week mark, and the second was this morning. I asked the doctor (the same one I had with Sydney) what she thought the sex was. She said she didn't have a strong feeling, but that the way I looked (which I think was a nice way of saying "chubby") and the fact that she found the heartbeat with the Doppler right away makes her think it's another girl. However...I didn't look full in the face when I was pregnant with Sydney AND, around the 16-week point in my pregnancy with Sydney, the same doctor had a hard time finding the heartbeat with the Doppler and swore it was a boy. So there's no telling what this little one is! I've learned by listening to and talking to other women that there is really no way to tell, even if your pregnancy is exactly the same or completely different from the last one. We'll just have to wait and see! Speaking of that, I should know this week when we are having the gender-ultrasound, so I will keep you posted (I think it will be close to June 1st).

Sydney wore the most precious Sailor dress to church. This was the best full-body shot we managed to take of her that morning.

Sydney and Mommy (she refused to wear a bow in her hair)

Flowers, Cards, Balloon

Sydney Playing with the Balloon (I promise she's usually dressed)

Mother's Day Charm (once we know the sex)

I just started taking belly pictures this week. Here I am compared to my pregnancy with Sydney. I've decided not to take bare belly pictures this time baby, new tradition. (There are two pictures because Chet couldn't get rid of the shadow in the second picture, but I like it better when my left side is toward the camera.)

16 Weeks

16 Weeks (shadow)

16 Weeks with Sydney


CranfordFamily said...

you definitely look more round this time at this stage. I started showing MUCH earlier this time than I did with Cori. But still with this one, I didn't feel movement until about 20 weeks. Also, this pregnancy has been almost identical to my pregnancy with Cori and its a boy this time! I can't wait to find out what you're having!!

Anonymous said...

That is a really good picture of you and Sydney! Can you e-mail me a copy, pls? -- PJ

Danielle said...

Congrats, Ashley!! I'm just now seeing the great news!! That's awesome!