Monday, June 13, 2011

20 and 21 Weeks

Here are my 20- and 21-week belly pictures, as well as a picture of Baby Girl sucking her thumb (taken at our 19-week ultrasound). (I included the 20- and 21-week pictures from my pregnancy with Sydney for comparison...perhaps a little disheartening, but at least I like my haircut better this time around...) I can't believe I'm already halfway there! I'm feeling her move around quite a bit, and my next doctor appointment is next Monday, June 20th (the doctor only wants to see me every six weeks, so this will be my third appointment, not counting the 19-week ultrasound).

20 weeks

20 weeks with Syd

21 weeks

21 weeks with Syd

in case it's hard to tell what you're looking at, she's "laying" on her back and her head is in the left-hand side of the picture

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Casey said...

awe look at that belly!! I bet people still wouldn't look at you and think you are pregnant though! Love the ultrasound picture!!!! Sweet baby girl!