Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Final House Pictures

I FINALLY took pictures of our bedroom/bathroom, the downstairs 1/2 bath, and the kitchen and dining area. Good thing I did, because soon I will start packing away things and it will not look "normal" anymore! I can't believe I'll be posting pictures of our "new" house in 4-6 weeks...

Here is a picture of Syd to get us started. This is her "This popsicle is cold!" face.
Hallway leading to the master bedroom.

This is what you see when you're standing at the door. To the left is my closet (we have separate closets!).

Another closet shot (and a family portrait).

The rest of the pictures are taken around the room, clockwise.

Foyer leading to the bathroom (because those are necessary!), and Chet's closet door. There is a linen closet across from Chet's closet.
Bathroom foyer/door to the master bathroom.


Master bathroom (nothing special, but nice). The rest of the pictures are taken around the room, counterclockwise.

The bathmat looks dirty, but I promise it's not! It's discolored from getting wet. I will buy a darker one next time.

Little hallway leading to the downstairs 1/2 bathroom. It's all done in a Texas theme!

The pictures are taken around the room, clockwise.

Hallway leading to the kitchen, dining area, and Syd's play area (which you've already seen pictures of in a previous post).


Kitchen, looking over into the dining area.

Dining area.


Casey said...

I LOVE your house! I bet you're sad to leave!! It looks so spacious and roomy!! Loving the Texas themed bathroom!!! YE HAW! And Don't lie...I know your rug is really dirty. ewww. j/k! Can't wait to see the "new" house and sad I never made it to see this one! I will definitely make a trip to the next house, although 2 kids may be tricky.....

Anonymous said...

These pictures make me homesick! And I could use a popsicle, too! -PJ

Anonymous said...

Your house is very cute, AShley - you've done a great job decorating! Love the picture of Syd eating her popsicle LOL

Glad you had a nice visit with your mom!

Aunt Shannon