Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Didi's Visit

This past weekend, Didi (my mom) visited! She flew in Thursday and left Sunday, and we had a wonderful time (although it was too short, as it always is). We did lots of shopping while she was here: we bought a couple of items for Baby Girl's room, and went to a huge sale (70% off!) at the children's consignment shop that I love (it's so much easier to shop there when you have a helper, and no Sydney...she went to Gander Mountain with Daddy). Chet and Sydney accompanied us on a trip to Super Target, where Sydney had fun helping us test out double strollers and running around the children's clothing section. Even though we did a lot of shopping, we didn't do a lot of buying...just lots of "market research", which is just as much fun. And, of course, Didi spent lots of time with Sydney...they went on walks around the neighborhood, watched "Sesame Street", read books, etc. We only took ONE picture the whole weekend...shame on us...but it's a good one!

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Casey said...

I love Didi! I bet Sydney loves all of her energy too! Did you decide on a double stroller? I'm looking too - but then I told my mom maybe I should give Cori a chance and let her prove she can be a big girl and walk when we go places and maybe I don't need a double stroller.....but I know eventually I'll need to get one! You're right, that is a great picture!!!! Can't wait to see baby girl's room. Do you have a theme yet? Oh, I guess you'll be moving before you set anything up....keep me posted!