Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Last weekend we traveled to West Palm Beach to visit Chet's family, and to meet our new nephew Aubrey! Aubrey is a month old, and quite adorable! This is actually the 2nd time we've been to WPB in the last couple of months, so let me back up for a March we went to WPB for Raquel's baby shower (in honor of not-yet-born baby Aubrey). I don't have any pictures from the shower, but I do have a couple of adorable pictures of (some of) the cousins!

Sydney and TylerCousins (Tyler, Jacob, and Sydney watching Papa Greg outside)Sydney and Roxy the Dog

Chet's brother, Todd, and their Dad (Papa Greg) built a rocking boat (like a rocking horse, but a rocking boat!) for Aubrey before he was born. It is awesome, and looks precious is his nautical-themed bedroom. That was in March. Then, Papa Greg build a rocking train for our nephew Jacob's 2nd birthday (in May). We figured Sydney would get a rocking something for her 2nd birthday, so we had some time to think before placing our order, but I mentioned a rocking old-fashioned carousel horse while we were at Jacob's party. Well...much to our surprise...Papa Greg built just that and gave it to us (I mean...gave it to Sydney) last weekend! It is gorgeous, and we were all so surprised! I need to take better pictures of it to show you the detail, but these are the best I've got for now. (Syd was ready for a nap when they presented the horse to her, so she's a little sleepy-looking and wouldn't let us take the pacifier from her.)

Aubrey and His Rocking BoatJacob and His Rocking Train (with Sydney in the train...these two did NOT like to share the train!)Sydney and her Rocking Carousel Horse (tired eyes)These next two pictures are the best I have of the horse itself.

Sydney liked meeting Aubrey. We even got her to say, "Aubrey"! As always, she helped out with his pacifier. I think she was a little confused, because his pacifier is just like hers, so she got possessive a couple of times...

Sydney Meeting Cousin AubreyUncle Chet and AubreyPacifier Help

Last but not least, Happy Father's Day again to my wonderful Daddy! We love you and can't wait to see you soon!

Papa John and Sydney at Syd's 1st Birthday Party


Casey said...

You've got a talented Father In law! I love all the rocking "things" too cute!! The pictures of the cousins are priceless too!! Aubrey makes me want this pregnancy to be over so I can squeez and love on me a tiny baby boy!!!

Aubrey said...

told you Aubrey was a boy's name. he's SOOO cute.