Monday, August 1, 2011

Chet's Appendix (huh?!) and My 28-Week OB Visit

We ended up having quite a weekend! Saturday was uneventful, but enjoyable. We started the morning out by visiting a local Farmer's Market. It was very small, but a lot of fun nonetheless. We bought some raw, local honey, a dozen eggs, and a muffin that we ate on the spot. There was a sweet Golden Retriever dog at the market, and Sydney stalked it the whole time we were there. Thankfully the dog loved children!

Saturday afternoon Sydney splashed in her pool in the backyard, and I made dinner. Chet and I were both STARVING by dinnertime. Sometimes I get a stomach cramp when my stomach is completely empty, but it went away once I ate dinner that evening. Chet had a similar cramp, but his did not go away after he ate. We thought it might be gas (gross, I know...sorry!), but it stayed with him all evening. He said it wasn't extremely painful, just uncomfortable, like he had an elbow in his stomach or something.

The next morning the "cramp" was still there, but a little better than the night before. We went to church, but then we decided Chet should go ahead and go to the ER at the Air Force hospital, just to get things checked out. Thankfully he did! They did a CT scan, and the results showed his appendix was inflamed, but strangely he didn't have ANY other Appendicitis symptoms. They decided to go ahead and take the appendix out that evening (yesterday, around 6 p.m.). Chet had driven himself to the hospital, but Sydney and I drove over once we knew he was going to have surgery. We didn't get to see him beforehand, but I talked to the doctor doing the surgery as soon as we arrived and was assured that he was in good hands. The doctor came out about two hours later and said things went very well. Sydney and I were able to see Chet for a minute as he was wheeled from the OR to the recovery room, but Syd and I headed home after that (it was about 8:30 p.m. at this point). Chet called me a little later and sounded good, and then called me this morning and reported that he had a good night. Since he didn't experience any vomiting and because he was able to get up and walk around, he was released today!

This unexpected bout with Appendicitis actually worked out quite nicely (such an optimistic statement!), because I already had plans to drop Sydney off at our base's Child Development Center today in order to go to my 28-week OB appointment and glucose test. I did the glucose test first (the doctor didn't call me this afternoon, so I THINK that means I passed!), then visited Chet and helped him get discharged, and then we both went to the OB appointment.

OB Appointment: I really liked the Nurse Practitioner (NP) that I saw today, and think I will be just as happy with the Air Force Hospital as I was with the Navy Hospital in Jacksonville. The baby's heartbeat was 147 bpm, my blood pressure was good, my weight gain is good so far. The NP mentioned that the baby's measurements were a little small at the 20-week ultrasound, but I'm not concerned. My Jacksonville doctor (who saw me the entire time I was pregnant with Sydney and delivered her) wasn't concerned; she just said I have small babies (not that Sydney was THAT small when she was born...6 lbs 11 oz isn't a preemie or anything!). Also, I wasn't quite 20 weeks along when I had the ultrasound, and my Jacksonville doctor thinks my due date is really more along the lines of October 27th rather than the I'm not worried about this NP thinking the baby is small. She did say she would refer me to a...something (I can't remember even though I asked her to repeat herself at least three times)...who would decided if I needed extra ultrasounds in order to track the baby's growth. I'll hear from the OB clinic if that ends up being the case; until then, I won't worry.

Anyway, that's about it! Sydney has her 18-month checkup tomorrow. Chet will go in for his post-op appointment in two weeks. We are so thankful that Chet went in to the ER when he did; I can't imagine how differently/less "easy" things would have turned out had we waited and his appendix ruptured! Even though he's doing great, please pray that he continues to heal nicely and doesn't experience any complications (and that the belly pain, mostly at the incision sites, subsides ASAP!).

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