Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Pictures

I've been bad about posting (and taking) pictures lately, so here are a few.

Lorelei sitting in her little lamb seat, staring suspiciously at the little lamb.

I thought it would be a good idea to make (boxed) cupcakes with Sydney.  But Lorelei wanted to be held right when we started making them, so I had a lot less control over the mess.  Therefore, my smile in this picture is mostly fake, and is hopefully masking my frustration (frustration at myself for thinking making cupcakes with a cranky 22-month old and a screaming newborn was a good idea!).

Same day as the cupcake fiasco, right before Sydney's bedtime.  Please ignore my outfit and my hair.

My girls!

Lorelei napping in her little lamb swing.  I love their sleeping positions.

Sydney's haughty picture look.  She only makes this face when it's time to take a picture.  She also looks like she needs a haircut.  Hmm...  She is holding a Big Bird Play-Doh that Chet made for her.

Play-Doh fun.  This is the only way I can tolerate the mess.  Contain the mess in the kitchen, and make sure to strip Sydney down to her diaper, otherwise she will sprint away from me with Play-Doh clinging to her pants and will leap onto the couch, transferring all of the Play-Doh onto the microfiber fabric.  (Lorelei is as happy as a clam watching the scene; this was the same day Chet had his minor shoulder surgery, hence the bandage.)

Lorelei, as happy as a clam, watching the Play-Doh scene.

Sydney "working".

Haughty look again.

Lorelei's haughty look.

Chubby cheeks!

Last Saturday Chet and I attended a Christmas party hosted by his CO.  Grant was in town, so he was able to keep Sydney (and take our picture).  No kids were allowed at the party, but we were able to take Lorelei with us.  Here we are holding our crying children.


Casey said...

Love the pictures!! Lorelei and Syd are starting to look more alike as she gets older.

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures - love the one of the two girls sweet with Syd's hand on the baby's head....
How did Uncle Grant do babysitting?
Hope you had fun at the party!
Aunt Shannon