Monday, December 26, 2011

Syd's 1st Birthday

There are still a few topics I need to blog about, but I'm feeling...guilty?...and am going to post pictures from Sydney's 1st birthday.  She is 34 days away from turning 2, but better late than never, right?  Her party was at our house.  Nothing over-the-top special, just lots of friends and family and food (although it was a "cowboy" theme...sort of).  It was great.  We are going to celebrate her 2nd birthday early on January 21st, and it is going to be a joint party for Chet (who is turning 30 on the 12th!), Sydney (turning 2 on the 27th), and me (turning 28 on the 31st).  We are doing it early, because the end of January is awfully close to Chet's deployment date.  (We don't know for such what day he is going to deploy, and I couldn't post it here even if we did know.  But the closer deployment gets, the higher the stress level, and we don't want that at a party.)


We did mini cupcakes instead of a cake.

Pre-Party Sydney

Party Guests

Uncle Todd, Aunt Raquel, and Hailey

Aunt Jenni and Jacob

She didn't want to wear the hat...

...but Daddy can wear the hat!

This was the look on her face while we sang "Happy Birthday."

This was her first time eating a true "sweet."  She really just ate the icing, but certainly enjoyed it!  She also wasn't interested in getting really messy.  Fine with me.  A woman after my own heart. 

There were way too many pictures of Sydney opening presents, so I'm only posting a few funny ones.

We did our best to get a "cousin" picture.  When this picture was taken, there were four cousins (one couldn't make it), and now there are six! 
Jacob, Hailey, and Sydney
And here's an outtake, LOL.  (Sydney, Hailey doesn't want your pacifier!)

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