Thursday, February 9, 2012


People are always asking (and I'm always asking myself) if Sydney and Lorelei favor each other.  I honestly don't know.  Sometimes I think they look a lot alike (especially when Lorelei is sleeping), and sometimes I think Lorelei has a completely unique look.  Here are a couple of comparison pictures; perhaps you can help decide!

Here are each of the girls, the first time they sat in the Bumbo chair.  Lorelei is just a tiny bit older than Sydney was, and Sydney's picture isn't very good (it's hard to get a gist of what she actually looks like). 
I was looking through Sydney's pictures, and noticed many interesting things.  Please don't think I'm comparing them competitively, but it's impossible not to note the differences in children, especially sisters so close in age:
  • Sydney had her first two teeth by this point.  Just barely, though.  And I think Lorelei is going to cut teeth any day.
  • Sydney was MUCH better at raising her head and upper body when she was on her tummy.  This is totally my fault, because I don't put Lorelei on her tummy often enough, and Sydney's daycare providers used to put Sydney on her tummy several times a day.  Oops. 
  • We started putting Sydney in the jogging stroller at the age Lorelei is now.  I remember reclining the seat and stuffing towels on either side of her so she wouldn't slump over.  This makes me happy, because I would LOVE to start putting Lorelei in the jogging stroller (right now our jogging stroller...which is also a double equipped to fit Lorelei's carseat...but she really doesn't like being in the carseat, so it's not much fun for her...I think she would love sitting in the jogging stroller and facing outward though...woo hoo!).
That's about it.  Oh, one more thing.  Sydney has a pacifier in her mouth in about 60% of the pictures.  Lorelei refuses to take a pacifier.  Thank you, Lorelei!

(Lorelei is on the left, Syd is on the right.)


Casey said...

Okay, so I thought the first picture in the bumbo was Lorelei - Right now, I don't think they look alike (becuase of the age difference) but their baby pictures are VERY similar!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, and of course it is normal to compare your kids! Some pictures I think your girls look alike, in others, not so much...hard for me to say too! LOL All I know is they are both adorable!!!!! Kisses to them both!
Aunt Shannon