Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On to Mardis Gras...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I received gorgeous roses from Chet (red, pink, peach, and favorite) and NINE cards!  Well, six of those cards were for the girls, but I can assure you we feel quite loved!  Before Syd came along, I used to mail out Valentine year I resolve to start again.  If you read this blog, trust me, I love you and appreciate you (and you will get a card next year if I have your address)!

Since our husbands were out of the country this Valentine's Day, I had a little get-together at my house last night.  Five lovely ladies and four precious kiddos (in addition to Syd and Lorelei) gathered and we dined on slow-cooker chicken tacos and Dr. Pepper cupcakes.  Yummy.  It was nice to have people to chat with on an evening when most other people are going out to fancy dinners and skipping through Central Park holding hands (hmm, maybe not).  A good distraction, nonetheless.  Anyway, there were several photo-worthy moments last night, like when all of the kids (minus Lorelei) had lined themselves up on the couch and were sitting all smooshed together.  Or when my friend Paige arrived with her teacup Yorkie puppy, and all of the girls started squealing and as if they had seen Justin Bieber.  But, alas, I was never in a position to leap up for my camera, so I will have to rely on my memory to relive the evening. 

Sydney and Lorelei had adorable Valentine's shirts and bows that I tried to dress them in as often as possible since February 1st.  Sydney wore her shirt quite often (and her bow almost every day).  Lorelei spit up on her shirt every time I put it on her.  EVERY single time.  To the extent where I had to take it off of her to wash it as soon as possible.  And I carried her bow/headband around with me everywhere we went, but never once put it on her head.  It seems that the effort was too great.  Oh, well, next year.

Here is Syd in her Valentine get-up.  (Ignore the semi-creepy smile.)

So, on to Mardis Gras...  I'm not normally very consumed by Mardis Gras, but living in south Mississippi, you can't help but notice that it exists.  And that's an understatement.  This weekend will be the fourth weekend in a row that parades have occurred to mark the event (which is still six days away).  I feel like grocery stores ONLY sell King Cakes this time of year.  And when I called to make Lorelei's 4-month well-baby appointment?  Here's how the conversation went:

Me: I'd like to make an appointment for my daughter.  I know the offices are closed Monday for President's Day, but I'd like to make the appointment for that week.  Do you have anything open Tuesday the 21st?
Her: You know that's Mardis Gras, right?
Me: Umm...yes?  Are the offices closed Tuesday too?
Her: No, I just wanted you to know Tuesday the 21st is also Mardis Gras, in case you didn't realize that.
Me: Er, um, okay.  Thank you!
Her: So do you still want me to tell you what's available Tuesday the 21st?
Me: Yes, I'm okay with scheduling an appointment that day.

WHAT?!?!  Did I mention that schools are closed that day?  And some private schools are closed ALL WEEK?  Gotta love it...

So hats off to our current south Mississippi-Mardis Gras celebrating heritage! 

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Casey said...

okay, I literally Laughed.Out.Loud at that picture of Syd, mostly because of your comment about it being semi-creepy. That's hilarious! I'm glad you had a great valentine's with your friends!! That seems much more fun than sitting at home alone on this day of love.