Friday, February 10, 2012

Syd's Actual Birthday

On Sydney's actual birthday, we had a little party at home after Chet got off work.  We had a cupcake, opened all of the birthday cards that we received in the mail, and Sydney opened her presents from Chet and me.

Here she is giving her cupcake a hug.  She gives hugs to a lot to things she likes, or to things she feels sorry for.

Holding up "two" fingers.

The tedious present-opening technique.  I think she was saying "trash" when I took this picture (as in, "Daddy, throw this minuscule piece of paper in the trash before I tear another one off to hand to you").

This was my old copy of "The Cat in the Hat".

How do you like my wrapping paper?

We got her a backpack with her name embroidered on it.  It is just her size, and I stocked it with her diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.  I fully intend on having her carry around her own belongings instead of over stuffing my diaper bag.  In this picture, Chet is showing Syd his backpack.

Hmm, not exactly what I had in mind, but okay!


We got her a quilt for her big girl bed.  Which I hope she does not have to use until after Chet gets home from deployment.  She is still in her crib, and I intend on keeping her in there as long as possible!  (The thought of transitioning her to a toddler bed by myself makes me cringe!)

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