Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doctor Appointment

I took Lorelei to her 4-month well baby appointment yesterday. She weighs 13 lbs 4 oz (37th percentile) and is 24 inches long (36th percentile). Those measurements are right along her growth curve, so she is doing great. Her head circumference is in the 75th percentile (not sure what the actual measurement is). I asked the doctor if it was okay/normal for her head to be that much bigger than her body, and she said yes, and that it usually means the parents have big heads too. Hmm, I'll have to tell Chet that he and I have big heads...

According to my blog from June 2010, Sydney weighed exactly 13 lbs (but was wearing a soaking wet diaper when she was weighed) and measured 24 inches long (although the measuring device was questionable) at her 4-month appointment. Those measurements put her in approximately the 25th percentile, but are much closer to Lorelei's measurements than I would have guessed! Lorelei just seems so much chunkier to me than Syd was, and I know she is wearing larger clothing sizes than Sydney did at the same age. Perhaps I stuffed Sydney in clothes that were too small for her and didn't realize it.

Thank you for the compliments on Lorelei's 4-month pictures! Yes, I did take them. My "secret" (ha!) is taking them in the early afternoon, opening the blinds for natural light, turning off my flash, and using a super cooperative baby as a subject. :-)

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Casey said...

Big girl! Levi was 15lbs at his 6months appt. He's a little guy! I can't wait to meet Levi's future wife!!