Friday, May 4, 2012

Syd's First Haircut

Sydney had her first haircut Wednesday!  For a couple of months now her hair has been thickening up on top, but not growing much length-wise.  It was starting to look really unhealthy on the ends in the back, so I knew it was time to get it trimmed up.  She did great in "the chair" and her little "bob" looks awesome!  Also, Chet's parents were in town visiting, so that allowed me the extra help to take lots of pictures and not have to worry about herding cats, er, kids.

I didn't really get a good "before" picture, so here are some pictures that I was going to post anyway the day before the haircut.  She was crossing her legs like Papa Greg (Chet's dad):

I don't feel like choosing which of these to post, so I'm posting all of them!

It was hard to snap a good "after" picture, but here she is eating her post-haircut M&Ms (awarded by the hairdresser, not me...I'm not that nice) in the adjoining coffee shop.

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Danielle said...

Her haircut looks SO cute, and I love the big aqua bow! Aubrey's first haircut took place in the bathtub by my sister's mother-in-law, but we've got her first "real" one scheduled for this Thursday. I'm so excited for it! I can't decide if I want to give her a little bob or just trim it!