Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quick Surgery Update

I had better post an update about Chet's surgery before he goes under the knife tomorrow!  Last Monday (May 21st) we met with the doctor to go over the MRI results.  His ACL is definitely torn, but it was inconclusive whether or not the meniscus was torn (the surgeon won't know until he's "in there").  If the meniscus is torn and the surgeon is able to repair it, Chet will not be able to bear any weight on his right leg for 6 weeks.  That's 6 straight weeks of crutching around and not driving.  I'm praying that the meniscus is not torn at all, because it just doesn't feel right to pray for the doctor to be UNABLE to repair a torn meniscus (even though repairing it will make the recovery process more of a pain in the behind).  It's not necessarily a big deal if the meniscus is torn and not repairable; in that case the surgeon just trims it up and it's gone forever.  Again, not a big deal right now, but 50 years from now Chet may be wishing he still had that portion his meniscus...

Did that make sense?

Anyway, surgery is tomorrow, but we're still not sure of the time.  We will find out this evening.  Thankfully, my dad is driving into town today to help with the kids and whatever else we need help with.  Poor Chet.  He's going to have to spend the first few days post surgery downstairs on the couch, in the midst of the chaos.  At least downstairs is where the better TV and the food is. 

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers; I'll update you as soon as I know something tomorrow!

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Casey said...

Poor Chet!! This must suck for him. Prayers ya'lls way for a successful surgery and quick recovery! This will give you a little taste what having 3 kids would be like =)