Monday, July 7, 2014


I fixed the pictures on my last post, "Twins and Breakfast," because they were gigantic, and you may have noticed that there were two different fonts and that they kept flip flopping.  All of that is because I usually blog from my iPhone, the most convenient medium for me to blog.  It all looks great on my phone, and then I bring it up on the computer and WHOA!  So, just in case you are Type A and the devil-may-care fonts and gigantic pictures give you a nervous twitch, please know I am not purposely torturing you.  Trust me, it bothers me too.

(By the way, I still can't make the font all the same size on the "Twins and Breakfast" post.  Sometimes blogging is more enigmatic than that electrical engineering class I had to take at the Academy, where the professor was from China and spoke very little English.  True story.)

I am working on a 4th of July post, so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

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