Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Twins and Breakfast

Maybe not TWINS, but they do look an awful lot alike (Lorelei and Ford). I still think Ford will turn out to look a little like each of his sisters.
This was a weird angle, therefore Ford appears three times larger than Lorelei, and it impossible to compare their looks. Lorelei doesn't like to get too close to Ford (even though I kept telling her, "Scoot closer to your brother!"); his grabbing at her tends to freak her out. (Syd loves it.) And check out L's perma-hawk (what I'm calling her permanent Mohawk). 

Besides looks, they have the burp rag thing in common (neither is a paci-aholic like Syd was):

These were both taken in the car this morning (Lorelei thought I was handing her my phone, which is why she is reaching out, desperately). 

Speaking of being in the car this morning, the thought of cooking breakfast today was dreadful. So we loaded into the car early and motored over to the closest McDonald's drive thru. I am running out of breakfast ideas. I feel like we do it all, but part of the problem is that someone is always slightly miffed at breakfast because Syd and L have opposite tastes in food (although that doesn't mean I make two different meals, no siree).

Syd's likes: anything sweet (donuts, cinnamon rolls), oatmeal, bacon, hard-boiled eggs
Lor's likes: toast, sausage, scrambled eggs

Both like fruit, neither likes waffles. And if one likes a certain cereal, you can guarantee the other doesn't. I'm convinced they are conspiring against me.

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The Law of Child strikes again!