Thursday, October 30, 2014


Go ahead and give me a high five for that creative blog post title.  In my defense, the images you are about to see are so random that no word exists to link them.

Fall is incredibly beautiful in this part of the country.  I love that the leaves change colors, fall from the trees, and decorate the ground.  Many people in our neighborhood pay for lawn care, and this is an image (taken through the window from inside our house) of the across-the-street neighbors having their yard mowed and leaves blown.  Look closely, and you will count FIVE leaf blowers in action, and two extra workers pulling some sort of tarp looking thing (I have no idea what those two are actually doing, but I wanted to mention them so that you would know that SEVEN men were simultaneously tacking this one yard).  Believe me when I tell you that seven men can mow the front and back yard, and blow and bag leaves in fifteen minutes flat.  It's like yard ballet.

Here is the scooter brigade.  These kids love to scooter to school, and they're all quite good.  Lorelei is riding her brand new birthday scooter; Syd is borrowing the neighbor's scooter, but will be getting her own for Christmas.

(Sydney appears freakishly tall in this picture.  She is the exact same age as the girl to her right and the boy in the red jacket.)

Lorelei doesn't go to school on Wednesdays, so we scooted/wagoned (not a word) to school Wednesday afternoon to pick up Syd.  Coming home was "fun," in that Lorelei was too tired to scoot home, but didn't want to let Sydney borrow her scooter, which meant that I had to carry Ford in one arm and pull the wagon with the other (with two heavy girls and a scooter inside).

Ford is well now (he was sick the last two days Papa John was here), but Papa John and I went out and about one morning while the girls were in school.  Tell me this isn't the sweetest thing you've ever seen:

Happy early Halloween!  (I can't wait for it to be over!)

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